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https://www.gzdreamfactory.com/wp-admin/upload.php?item=1048While the news is full of stories of boatloads of African migrants desperate to cross into Europe, Guangzhou Dream Factory gives us the stories of Africans who believe China is “the new land of opportunity.”  Visually rich, sympathetically told, this compelling film sensitively captures the hopes, disappointments, and creativity of Africans whose dreams are unfolding, for better or worse, in the Middle Kingdom.  

                                     – Deborah Brautigam, Author, THE DRAGON’S GIFT: The Real Story of China in Africa

If you’re in Barcelona, please join us at UAB May 21st. Guangzhou Dream Factory will screen at 11 a.m. Christiane Badgley will be present for the screening and post-screening discussion. Details HERE.

We’ll soon be in Naples, Italy. Details coming!


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